Pest Control | 3 Crucial Tips To Control Your Kitchen's Cockroach Problem

Cockroaches present a real problem in any kitchen because they breed exponentially, resulting in a population explosion if left unchecked –– causing potential health hazards and food contamination. When these insects encounter food items, they can cause all kinds of diseases and health scares, so you don't want them running havoc in your kitchen at any cost. Before the pest control experts arrive, make sure you follow these crucial tips to control your kitchen's roach problem.

Spray Insecticide Immediately In Spotted Areas

While this is a temporary fix, it will get rid of the existing cockroaches in your home for the time being and will help to control their numbers in your kitchen. Make sure you spray insecticide generously in areas where you spot cockroaches, in areas around your kitchen sinks and under your kitchen sink drains. You will also want to spray the insecticide in common hiding places like wall cracks, drainage areas, vents and rubbish bins. Since insecticide sprays contain strong toxic chemicals, make sure the room is well ventilated and keep children away. Insecticide sprays can be purchased from home improvement stores. This quick fix will work well until a professional pest control service arrives to get rid of the problem as efficiently as possible.

Set Traps for Cockroaches

Spraying insecticide may not always do the trick because cockroaches are wily creatures that can easily escape from harm's way. Cockroach traps are easily available at home improvement stores or even online and contain a type of chemical gel adhesive as the bait. This gel works like slow poison for roaches. Once a cockroach is lured into the trap to get to the bait, the adhesive will snare it. You can then get rid of the cockroach from your home. Make sure you place the trap in common pest-ridden areas and repeat this process continuously until the professional pest control service undertakes the job in your kitchen.

Eliminate All Water Sources

Cockroaches desperately need water to survive. They can usually live for long without any food supply, but they won't survive for too long without water. If you know you have a roach problem in your kitchen, make sure you wipe all surfaces of water once you're done –– including your kitchen sink. Close your taps properly to ensure that water doesn't drip down and make sure you don't have any leaks. Once you are able to eliminate all water sources, you'll find a few dead roaches until a professional pest control service arrives.

Use these temporary fixes until you get a professional pest control service to eliminate your roach problem completely.