Important Things to Know about Termite Treatment

Termite treatment incorporates measures that are applied to prevent or eradicate termite infestations. This shows you two instances where you would want to use these measures: when you already have a termite infestation and when you know your locality is prone to termites, but you want to take steps to avoid an infestation. You could probably carry out DIY termite treatment, but it's wiser to contact an expert for reasons you'll read below.

Why Cast-Off Wings Could Represent a Big Problem for You

Have you discovered a pile of small, silvery insect wings in the corner of your home next to a window? If so, you may be scratching your head and wondering where they came from and what happened to the actual insect. The bad news is that these are probably flying termites. Further, they may have already colonised your home or otherwise be thinking about doing so. What's going on in this situation?