How to Get Rid of Cane Toads

The cane toad is not a native inhabitant of Australia but it is found more and more in the country, especially in the tropical north where it has spread. Rhinella marina, as the cane toad is officially known, is an unpleasant species of amphibian largely because of its toxic skin which can kill animals. It has even been known to cause deaths in humans who have been exposed to too much of it.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches From Your Car

Perhaps one of the most unwanted pests you could wish to find in your home, the presence of a cockroach in your car is, for many, even more unpleasant. The thought of being cooped up with a cockroach on a long journey where you cannot necessarily stop and deal with the issue immediately sends shudders down the spine of lots of Australians. Professional pest control services may be required in severe cases, but if you have only found one or two of the little beasts in you vehicle, then there are steps you can take for yourself which will help.