Answers to Important Questions About Termite Control

Termites are nothing to ignore in your home, as they can quickly cause tremendous amounts of damage to anything made of wood, including your home's frame, floorboards, ceilings joists, and the like. When a house has suffered termite damage, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible, as this damage can cause wood to crack and give way, and a home can become unsafe. If you think you have termites in your home, note a few questions you might have, and their answers,so you can know what to expect next.

1. What if termites are only seen outside?

Termites are often first seen when they swarm out of an area where they've been nesting or burrowing. If you see them outside, they may come up out of a tree stump, wood pile, or any other such place with wood. If they are only outside, they may not have yet infested the house. It's good to check for what are called mud tubes, which are long, thin tubes made of mud or dirt that termites use to burrow into areas and protect themselves when they travel. You may find these tubes outside the home's foundation or along the walls, and this usually means the termites have made their way inside.

2. What if the tubes are empty?

Homeowners often mistakenly assume that if a mud tube is empty then the termites have left the home. However, it's not unusual for termites to abandon a mud tube after they've made their way into a home or other area. They may build a new tube or simply no longer need a particular tube. Don't assume that if a mud tube is empty of termites, then the insects themselves are not present, but assume that your home needs termite control.

3. Why use a professional for termite control?

There are products you can buy and use yourself to try to address a home's termite infestation, but these may be ineffective. Addressing an infestation means understanding where termites are likely to burrow into a home and checking for entry points, as well as inspecting areas of the home for damage already done by the termites. The liquid used for termite control may need to be sprayed along the home but also injected into the ground in order to kill the termites that have burrowed into tunnels near your home. Without this type of treatment, you may see that the termites simply return to your home and continue to do damage.

For more information, contact a local termite control company.