Preventing termites from getting into your home

Termites are the one type of pest that can literally eat you out of your home. They can get into any type of wooden structure and cause an enormous amount of damage if left untreated. Anyone can get a termite problem, but you should also know that there are things you can do to prevent them from getting into your home. To get full coverage on what you should do with your specific house to avoid getting termites, you should talk to your local pest control, but there are a few general things you can do to decrease the risk of getting termites in your home.

Keep a distance between wood and the house

Distance is the most important thing when preventing termites from getting into your home. Don't keep any type of wood near the foundation of your home, as this might work as a gate where termites go from a shrub or a piece of scrap lumber in to your home. Trim all bushes that are close to your house, and also remove all mulch that is nearby. If you have firewood, keep it outside and away from the house. You should also make sure to elevate it off the ground to make it harder for termites to access it.

Prevent moisture

You should examine leaky faucets, pipes, and gutters carefully when wanting to prevent a termite infestation in your home. Leaking water structures can cause more damage than just that regarding termites, but a moist environment is something these insects thrive in. Keep an extra eye on any water systems you have outdoors, as this is where the termites first access your house. To further minimise moisture in your home, you should ventilate your attic and the crawl space under your house properly to make sure it is as dry as possible. If you've had a leaking roof that you have now repaired, you might want to install a dehumidifier to dry out the wooden structures that has been affected by the leak.

Check the foundation of your home

You should take extra notice about the conditions under your home, as this is where many termite infestations begin. Repair any cracks and holes in the concrete, as this might be an access point for termites. You don't need to redo your entire foundation; just filling up the cracks with some sort of filling should be enough. Another way to make the foundation of your home seem unattractive to termites is to cover the ground in the crawl space with a plastic sheet. This will make it harder for termites to get anywhere under your home and can also help with keeping moisture out of your house.

If you suspect termites have already gained entrance to your home, contact a local pest control company.