How To Deter Pigeons From Your Property

Feral pigeons can be a real nuisance if they decide to take up residence on your property.  Pigeons can carry diseases which can be harmful to people like salmonella, SARS or even bird flu in their droppings.  Also, feral pigeons are often infested with bird mites and fleas, which can find their way into your home, especially if pigeons are nesting in your roof space, or on ledges near windows.  Pigeons can also make a real mess of your patio space and garden with their droppings, feathers, and fallen nesting material.  Nesting birds can also attract other unwelcome visitors like snakes and rats.

So, what can you do to deter feral pigeons from colonising your property, and how can your local pest control company help you?  Read on to find out more.

Pigeon deterrents that DON'T work

You can save yourself money and frustration by not wasting time with the following DIY deterrents that don't work.

  1. Many people position plastic birds of prey, such as owls, near pigeon roosting sites as a supposed deterrent.  Unfortunately, an immobile plastic model of an owl does not frighten pigeons away and is a total waste of money.  
  2. Bird scarers like windmills and hanging CDs are not effective and will simply be ignored by pigeons.  
  3. Shooting feral pigeons is not recommended as the pigeons will only scatter for a short time before returning.

Pigeon deterrents that DO work

Feral pigeons are quite determined birds and aren't easily scared off, but there are some steps you can take that are pretty effective in sending them packing.

  1. Pigeons are attracted to an environment that offers an easy source of food and water, together with somewhere sheltered for roosting and nesting.  Your first job is therefore to remove any easy pigeon meals.  If you feed wild birds, you'll need to change to feeders that are not accessible to pigeons (your local garden centre will stock pigeon-proof feeders), and don't leave bowls of water down for pets.  Make sure that your rubbish bins have lids that are always securely fastened.  
  2. If pigeons are nesting in your roof space, have your local pest control company come to remove them.  Once the pigeons have gone, make sure that any potential access holes to your attic are blocked up or netted to stop the birds returning.  
  3. You can deter pigeons from roosting on ledges by installing spikes or solar-powered electric shocker tape strips.  Such devices are very effective; if the pigeons can't roost, they won't stay.  You can either install these deterrents yourself, or ask your pest control contractor to do so for you.  
  4. If your pigeon problem proves extensive or very persistent, you may need to resort to poisoning or trapping.  Both of these methods should be carried out by an experienced and licenced pest control company.

In conclusion Feral pigeons can be a real nuisance if they decide to colonise your property.  Use the hints and tips above to get rid of these pest birds, and have a chat with your local pest control company for more information and assistance.