Pest Control: Three Critical Strategies for Preventing a Housefly Infestation

Houseflies are dangerous pests in the home because they are carriers of disease. In general, these insects feed on different materials such as human food, food waste, faeces and even pet food. If they land on your clean meal after contact with contaminated stuff, they will spread pollutants and disease, causing adverse health effects. Moreover, houseflies are nuisance pests which buzz around the living space. If you would like to protect your home from possible infestations, consider using the below-outlined pest management strategies for prevention and control.

Practice Good Home Sanitation

Houseflies are most often attracted to the home by the presence of filth. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to prevent or control an infestation is to invest time in proper sanitation. This practice will reduce the sources of food and breeding grounds for pests. Ideally, you should keep your trash container closed at all times to prevent the attraction of any insects. Flies will come into your property if the trash outside is open and filled with food materials. 

It is also crucial for you to make sure that your trash is collected and disposed of frequently. If it stays in the bin for too long, putrefaction will occur and attract houseflies. You should also keep your pet's sleeping area and litter clean. You should always cover unrefrigerated food to prevent contact with houseflies. Additionally, you should wipe the surfaces in the house to eliminate food spills, debris and even moisture which could attract flies.

Establish Exclusion Measures

You should think about putting some measures in place to exclude flies from your home. Simply speaking, you should eliminate or minimise the ways through which flies can get into the house. It is essential to keep the windows and doors closed when not in use. If possible, these entry points should have an automatic closing ability in case you forget to close them. If you like leaving your windows or doors open, you should consider investing in fly screens. These elements will allow you to enjoy a breeze without letting flies in. Also, you should seal the vents, holes and cracks around the house.

Invest in Control Solutions

If your home is already infested by houseflies, you should consider investing in some solutions for control. You can choose mechanical methods such as using swatters, sticky bait traps or ultraviolet radiation traps. Alternatively, you can purchase insecticides for handling the pests. If you are uncertain about the right housefly elimination method, consult an experienced pest control expert.