Important Things to Know about Termite Treatment

Termite treatment incorporates measures that are applied to prevent or eradicate termite infestations. This shows you two instances where you would want to use these measures: when you already have a termite infestation and when you know your locality is prone to termites, but you want to take steps to avoid an infestation.

You could probably carry out DIY termite treatment, but it's wiser to contact an expert for reasons you'll read below. So, what should you know about termite treatment?

Termite species

Different geographical areas have unique climates and environmental conditions that make it favourable for other termite species to thrive. Therefore, the first step towards effective termite treatment is identifying the specific termite species thriving in your area.

Of course, not many are in a position to identify different termite species, which is why contacting a professional is recommended.

General signs of termites

Different termite species may portray different behaviours, but since you may not be able to identify them, you can look out for the following general signs:

  • Mud tubes or tunnels
  • Damaged wood (give it a tap as well to check for hollowness)
  • Tiny scratching sounds in your walls (these are heard better at night when it's quieter)
  • Noticing sawdust around wood structures (this could be from damaged wood or faecal matter from termites)

If you notice any of the above signs, contact a termite treatment specialist as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Contacting a termite treatment expert

The chances are high that you may not know of any termite treatment specialist. Therefore, asking your friends or relatives for a referral is the most straightforward approach. If this does not pan out, you can always go online to search for termite treatment experts in your locality. Ensure you check reviews from a reputable review website before contacting them; it goes without saying.

When you call the expert, inform them of the signs you noticed, which might be followed by a series of questions and probably an approximation of the termite treatment service cost. The specialist will also require to visit your premises for a professional inspection and to determine the measures to apply accurately and what they might cost.

Keep in mind that effective termite treatment may require more than one instance of pesticide application. The expert may need to visit your place regularly for repetitive application, guaranteeing success. However, this depends on the level of infestation.