How To Discourage Death Adders From Your Property

As urbanisation encroaches on the natural habitat of wildlife, many wild creatures are adapting to human beings' presence and even capitalising on it.  Unfortunately, snakes are now often found in and around people's homes, including the highly venomous Death Adder.  Here's how to deter this extremely dangerous snake from becoming an unwelcome guest on your property. How to recognise a Death Adder Death Adders are short, fat snakes measuring up to 70-100cm in length, and come in banded colours of primarily red or grey.

Don't Go To War With Boars: Keeping Feral Pigs Out Of Your Garden Without Resorting To Trapping Or Shooting

Australia suffers from the attentions of many invasive species, but few introduced animals pose as much of a threat to Australia's native ecology and wildlife than the humble pig. The feral pigs of Australia are intelligent, hardy and incredibly numerous -- recent estimates suggest that Australia now harbours over 24 million feral pigs. If you live in a pig-infested area, you can easily wake up to find your garden destroyed overnight by curious pigs rummaging for food.

Preventing termites from getting into your home

Termites are the one type of pest that can literally eat you out of your home. They can get into any type of wooden structure and cause an enormous amount of damage if left untreated. Anyone can get a termite problem, but you should also know that there are things you can do to prevent them from getting into your home. To get full coverage on what you should do with your specific house to avoid getting termites, you should talk to your local pest control, but there are a few general things you can do to decrease the risk of getting termites in your home.

Three Termite Protection Guidelines for Your Home

Termite prevention is essential in residential property, whether the structure is new or you have lived in the home for years. Termites are small insects, but they are highly destructive. Basically, the pests feed primarily on plant materials which are rich in cellulose. One of their favoured food sources is wood, so the termites will attack your home's timber features. A single termite might not do much damage, but these insects live in colonies and feed voraciously.

Answers to Important Questions About Termite Control

Termites are nothing to ignore in your home, as they can quickly cause tremendous amounts of damage to anything made of wood, including your home's frame, floorboards, ceilings joists, and the like. When a house has suffered termite damage, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible, as this damage can cause wood to crack and give way, and a home can become unsafe. If you think you have termites in your home, note a few questions you might have, and their answers,so you can know what to expect next.