The Kiss Of Death: Why You Must Get Rid Of The Kissing Bug In Your Home

The name can be charming but the kissing bug is not friendly at all. Kissing bugs, also known as assassin bugs are bugs that feed on the blood of mammals including humans. They obtain their name from the fact that they feed by biting on the mouths of mammals. They are not as many in Australia as in other parts of the world like the United States. However, that does not mean that they are less dangerous.

How To Deter Pigeons From Your Property

Feral pigeons can be a real nuisance if they decide to take up residence on your property.  Pigeons can carry diseases which can be harmful to people like salmonella, SARS or even bird flu in their droppings.  Also, feral pigeons are often infested with bird mites and fleas, which can find their way into your home, especially if pigeons are nesting in your roof space, or on ledges near windows.  Pigeons can also make a real mess of your patio space and garden with their droppings, feathers, and fallen nesting material.

How to Keep Grasshoppers From Eating Your Plants

If you are a keen gardener, you'll know how annoying it can be when certain insects attack the plants that you spend such a long time caring for. One of the major offenders is the grasshopper. There are thousands of species of this pesky garden pest and most of them are really not fussy about the kinds of plants that they eat. This means that if grasshoppers find their way to your garden, potentially all of your beautiful plants could end up with holes running through them.

How To Discourage Death Adders From Your Property

As urbanisation encroaches on the natural habitat of wildlife, many wild creatures are adapting to human beings' presence and even capitalising on it.  Unfortunately, snakes are now often found in and around people's homes, including the highly venomous Death Adder.  Here's how to deter this extremely dangerous snake from becoming an unwelcome guest on your property. How to recognise a Death Adder Death Adders are short, fat snakes measuring up to 70-100cm in length, and come in banded colours of primarily red or grey.

Don't Go To War With Boars: Keeping Feral Pigs Out Of Your Garden Without Resorting To Trapping Or Shooting

Australia suffers from the attentions of many invasive species, but few introduced animals pose as much of a threat to Australia's native ecology and wildlife than the humble pig. The feral pigs of Australia are intelligent, hardy and incredibly numerous -- recent estimates suggest that Australia now harbours over 24 million feral pigs. If you live in a pig-infested area, you can easily wake up to find your garden destroyed overnight by curious pigs rummaging for food.